Maxine Greco - Regional Actress

Regional Actress Maxine Greco has tackled a wide range of character roles during her over two decades career. She began Working primarily as a stage actor, enjoying the magic of comedy and drama alike before crossing over into film and television in 2005.

Maxine's forte is dramatic story and character.  She is able to pull the deepest emotions from the dark places and reach the hearts of the viewers.  She has played vulnerable to invincible, down-on-her-luck, to woman of faith.

Her professionalism and passion for the business have led her to respected positions in area artists groups such as TXMPA and SAG-AFTRA.  Her reputation with directors is that of a giving collaborator and artist.  Her peers consider her family.

Maxine graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in theater arts and is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Look for Maxine in the following Three films out this year: The Doo Dah Man, From The Dead, and Unimaginable

About Maxine Greco

Regional Actress